Chemical Engg (Regular Batch 6 June & 4th July & …)

9.00 Onwards Chemical Technology (Natural Product Industries) 

Chemical Engg(crash course,  Regular batches (1st Aug, 20 Aug, 5 Sep, 16 Sep ))

09.00 onwards CRE 

Mechanical (All Weekend, Crash Course & Regular) 

09.00 -01.00  Theory of Machine 

1.30 to 4.30 Thermodynamics (Remaining Topics)

Civil Engineering (All Weekend, Crash Course & Regular)

09.00 onwards Surveying  ( LECTURE HALL – RAMAN) 

CHEMICAL Engg (New Weekend students)

09.00 onwards CRE 

CHEMICAL Engg (All Old Weekend students)

09.00 onwards CRE 

ELECTRICAL & Electronics ENGINEERING  (REGULAR, Weekend & Crash Course )

9.00 to 1.30 Digital Electronics

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