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Last minute preparation tips and tricks for GATE 2015

As we know the GATE 2015 exam is just few steps away, thus it is important to know something about the last minute tips;

  • We should analyzed and solved the GATE previous years papers.
  • We should have the knowledge of multiple choice questions and numerical answer questions.
  • There will be many students who don’t have a good understanding of the GATE 2015 exam and don’t have proper idea about the GATE 2015 preparation from the beginning of the year due to any reasons.  Perhaps, these last minute tips may help you to prepare for the GATE 2015 exam.
  • There will be almost half of the questions will be asked from the basic concepts that you may learned during your gradation courses, so it will help you to build up a sort of depth knowledge.
  • There may be some kind of short notes and quick learning presentations about the topic you can find on internet for free.
  • Solve as many mock papers you can do and last year’s GATE exam papers.
  • Don’t read a topic in depth; try to cover all topics and its basics and prepare your own very short notes.

GATE 2015 Last minute tips and tricks

  • Concentrate on short time preparation, to get high scores.
  • Solve last year’s GATE exam papers.
  • Practice more mock tests.
  • Don’t study the late night before the last day.
  • Don’t start a new concept last minute, have a look on formulas and equations to get some idea of the problems related to it.
  • Don’t wastes much time on any question of you are not able to solve it during your GATE 2015 exam just pass it for the spare time.
  • Most important among all is “Don’t get panic, Just be Calm”, panic will lower your speed and thinking ability only.
  • Feel free and attend the question, you know, to avoid the negative score.

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One thought on “Last minute preparation tips and tricks for GATE 2015

  1. nitin j says:

    Well..everyone had said that nonot to let go sleep the day before exam. and begin new concepts. But if that new concept could get you a mark or two..its worth letting out sleep.

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